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Questions à Xavier Isabal.

Questions to Xavier Isabal.

– Who or what made you want to be a chef?

One of my grandmothers was cod with potatoes and garlic and cook another tortilla with potatoes. As a child I wanted to be a carpenter or baker. I chose the pastry kitchen and then I took over the kitchen of the family business.

– The standardization of taste threat cooking, how do you react concretely?

The product culture is atavistic in Isabal. My father, founder of the Slow Food Convivium Bizi Ona Basque, taught me to provide me directly into nearby farms and small boats on the coast. In addition, I have my own vegetable garden and fruit trees.

– How do you create a dish?

First I draw a picture starting from a seasonal product of my garden, I discovered the market or a supplier offers me. I then do tests that are tasted by all the members of my team. They comment and I refine.

– In your opinion, what should be the food critic?

Criticism is constructive when it is not murder. For this, it must be attentive to the Chiefs to understand what she could not understand and evacuate doubts.

– What was your most moving culinary experience?

The omelets of my grandmother.

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