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The village

The village of Ainhoa, between sea and mountains and close to Spain, was built in the thirteenth century by the Norbertine monks. Nestled in the hills, he served as a stopover for pilgrims on the way to Saint Jacques de Compostela and relay on the trade route between the Kingdom of France and Navarre. Most of its houses date from around 1650, the period following the "Thirty Years' War" (1618-1648), during which the first houses were destroyed. The village is organized into country house and facades of houses labourdines timbered face south-east. Dominating the town and offering a unique panorama, the Notre-Dame-d'Aubépine is a shrine dedicated to the Virgin Mary since it appeared to a young shepherd in a hawthorn bush.

The forest which is spread over 400 hectares, is home to a rich fauna.

Many hiking routes for all levels allow to go to meet the famous Basque small wild horses, "pottocks".

Highlights of the town are located at fiestas, around August 15 and the "Feast of the pigeon" in mid-October.

Ainhoa ​​is part of the AOC "Espelette" and the association of the most beautiful villages in France.

La place des bananiers
Panorama depuis la chapelle d'Aïnhoa
Vue du village
La pelote basque
La fête de la palombe
Le toro de fuego
La rue principale
Moutons dans les nuages
La place du fronton
Aïnhoa, un des plus beaux village de france
Les pottocks
Le piment d'Espelette
Le calvaire de Notre Dame de l'aubepine
La petite Rhune